After studying furniture design & make for five years at Rycotewood, Oxford, Ivon moved back to his home town of Littleborough; nessled in the pennines of Lancashire, to persue a career in furniture design.


Working from the basement of Ebor studio, Ivon creates free standing, organic, minimal furniture using wood and bamboo as his primary material and an avenue for sustanablility.

He and his associet JV joined Ebor Studio in the summer of 2017 and started renovating the space from what was a "glorified skip" into what is now a fully functioning bamboo, wood and metal workshop, nicknamed 'Unit 6'.


Since Ivon was a child he has been creative, and always loved working practically to solve problems. Growing up in the country he admires nature and takes great inspiration from it. His formal training in furniture craft was greatly traditional, however a more contemporary study in design was exercised. As a result he can apply finely honed techniques to modern design and modern materials always considering the environment, and giving a nod to the tradition of furniture making.




Ebor Studio, William Street, Littleborough, Lancashire




Phone: 07837604803


Email: ivonhaywood@gmail.com

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