Ebor Studio

Ebor Studio is an independent artist-run creative space. Here you will find a network of cross discalinery artists, ranging from; sculptors, fashion designers, painters, musicians, and of course designers. All with their own unique studio space.


Tucked away in the small town of Littleborough, on the Pennine edge, north east of Manchester. The Studio was origionaly built in the 1870's, as a cotton mill during the industrial revolution. Since then, the building has served many functions, and now it thrives as a creative hub.


Well equipped workshop facilities and comfotable studio spaces, as well as an accomidating, naturally lit exhibition hall. It is also used for teaching, functions, pop up shops and oppertunities for artists requiring professional and technical support.


Ebor studio has always been a part of Ivon's life as it was once owned by his grandfarther who used the building to fabricate re-inforced plastics. In 2009 it was gifted to his mother, Karen Lyons (artist) who has been turning the building into a place for creatives to conveen and work ever since.

In the summer of 2017 Ivon, his friend and new collegue JV, moved into the basement of the studio to start up a furniture business.




Ebor Studio, William Street, Littleborough, Lancashire




Phone: 07837604803


Email: ivonhaywood@gmail.com

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