The bamboo bent chair


This was one of Ivons first interactions with bamboo as a meterial. So wanted to explore the possibilities of the material with a different aproach, other than what he was used to and other than the traditional methods of use.

So he steam bent the chair into shape: steam bending is a process Ivon was not familiar with at the time, and is different from how bamboo had been used in the past.


"the natural qualities and nature of bamboo compliment the organic forms that i get from steambending"





Making use of wood that would otherwise be scrap. This delicate lampshade is both an answer to a problem and a sculpture in its own right.

Whilst it hangs, it distorts light and throws an array of shaddows arround the room, utilising the bends and splits of natural material when put through stress.


Dimensions: (dimentions do vary due to the random nature of the offcuts. The measurements will not exceed the dimentions below)


Height (cm) 80

Width (cm) 42

Depth (cm) 42



Something Small Sundays.

During the first 6 months of 2018, Ivon set out to create at least one small item of choise every Sunday. Using his skills in wood work, an eye for design and an aspuration to develop his style.


After the 6 months the collected items will be displayed in an exhibition at Ebor studio on the 20th of June, together with his collegue JV.

The items will be for sale.


Check out the rest of this project here on instagram.



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